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Caring For Our Own

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Support for Life
After the Gridiron

Providing resources and connection for those who have dedicated their, mind, bodies and souls to the field. NFL Alumni provides resources for all aspects of post gridiron life. 

Player Care Foundation


The NFL Player Care Foundation (PCF) remains the primary source of emergency relief for many alumni in need of assistance ranging from unexpected financial debt to funeral expenses for players or their spouses.

PCF addresses all aspects of life by helping with medical, emotional, financial, social, and community issues.

Since its inception, PCF has assisted more than 2,000 retired NFL players with $20-plus million in emergency financial grants.

Vince Lombardi

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Huddle Up:

Let's Talk Obesity

“Huddle Up: Let’s Talk Obesity” aims to educate and inspire our members and men to open up about obesity and seek help.

Huddle Up: Let’s Talk Obesity grew out of a survey done by the NFL Alumni that found over 60% of our members were living with obesity or overweight. We started a public service campaign to awaken the public to the need to address the issue directly. To do this we need to all feel able to speak about our condition without shame or fear.

Service Center

NFL Job Training

This unique workforce development hub specifically intends to assist veterans, employed, self-employed or unemployed current and former on and off-field personnel and their spouses.

It utilizes a holistic approach to assist in creating an efficient and centralized operation through combined resources, experience, commitment, and successes of other organizations to work together to achieve one common goal: preparing candidates to be employable, successful entrepreneurs or to build the capacity of their existing business enterprise.

The NFL Alumni Job Training Service Center consists of consulting experts with long-term and wide-ranging national expertise in the fields of workforce development, leadership development, apprenticeships, diversity training, supplier development, business engagement, entrepreneurship, government relations, education & training, healthcare, non-profit management, construction trades, and energy solutions. We are committed to helping develop strategic partnerships for the “possible” that might otherwise be overlooked.

NFL Ready

NFL Alumni Academy

The NFL Alumni Academy is an unprecedented in-season training program developing “NFL Ready” players training and preparing on the campus of the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame Village in Canton, Ohio.


Health & Wellness

As retired NFL players move to the next chapter of their lives, health and wellness can suffer. 

The NFL Alumni provides its members critical resources to support a better quality of life off the field.

National Partners

Exclusive Options

Discover the many national partners that provide NFL Alumni members discounts and exclusive details for a variety of health solutions.


Health & Wellness

The NFL Alumni Las Vegas chapter has extensive options for those living in the valley. 

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