Debbra Ballard

Debbra Lee Ballard, is the Secretary of the NFL Alumni Las Vegas Chapter,
This nonprofit works in the community for the purpose of “Caring for our
She approaches all aspects of any job with a positive, hard-working mindset,
and is passionate about helping find solutions to any challenges. She brings
with her an extensive background in customer service and administrative
duties. Debbra draws upon 20 years experience as a construction
consultant, project management and office administration and sales.
Negotiation contractors and agreements with vendors. Hiring and training
staff members
She is detailed and has a strong ability to Multi-task across all organizational
levels. Making changes to increase efficiency in the workplace, Organizing
the workplace so the workflow is streamlined.
Building, repairs, leasing, customer relations. Worked 6 years as a
remodeling estimator, and has troubleshooting most all emerging issues.
She owned a Marketing and video production company, director, Producer
and Editing.
Her motto is “If it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen”