Morlon Greenwood

Morlon Greenwood was born in Kingston, Jamaica. At the age of 11, he came to the United States, where he found himself living in Freeport, on Long Island, New York. Being a Jamaican, his first love was soccer. However, he found himself with an active interest in many sports such as, wrestling, football and track and field. It was in his freshman year of high school that the gym teacher and assistant wrestling coach, Russ Cellan, tapped into Greenwood’s natural talent for wrestling. 

During Greenwood’s sophomore year, he took 4th place in the Nassau County Wrestling Championship. Cellan, who was also the football coach, persuaded Greenwood to give football a shot; a decision that would prove to be significant. At the end of his junior year at Freeport High School, Greenwood was awarded a full football scholarship to Syracuse University. Not one to forgo his love of multiple sports, he continued to participate in both wrestling and track and field throughout his junior and senior years, making him the proverbial, “triple threat.” His abilities were proven when he became the first ever state champion; a first for his coach Terry Haise, in his 26-year career at Freeport High School. Greenwood’s athletic successes didn’t end there.

After starting in 48 consecutive games at Syracuse University, Greenwood was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 2001 as a 3rd round pick. His professional career as an NFL linebacker covered a span of eight years (playing four years for the Miami Dolphins and then four more for the Houston Texans as a starter.)

During 2009, he became a free agent and waited (like many other professional athletes) to be selected by an NFL team.  Not one to sit idly by awaiting opportunity to present itself, the NFL veteran decided to expound upon his love of music which he had developed from the age of 14. Greenwood took-on the stage name “Ultimate” later that year and recorded “Take Me There” which created a buzz on rhythmic radio.  “Take Me There” was followed by “It’s My Birthday” which soon became the #1 song added to rhythmic radio which featured independent artists.  

In 2010, Greenwood continued his professional football career by signing with the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League (UFL) where he played for three years. Greenwood’s universal athleticism was not confined to football during those years.  During the off-season, Greenwood cross-trained with boxing, and once again determined to become the best.  It only took a few months of training with Dwight Pratchett before Greenwood turned professional.  

Greenwood currently holds a record of 3-0 with 3 KO’s, two of which came in the first round.  With the same determination, Greenwood endeavored to “give back to the community” by reaching-out to at-risk and underprivileged youth so as to share with them the opportunities and keys to success in life which reside in each and every individual regardless of personal circumstance(s).  

This passion lead to the formation of the Morlon Greenwood Foundation, Inc. which is a recognized 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization. The Morlon Greenwood Foundation’s mission is, “Raise-up youth to become successful socially responsible citizens through mentorship imparted to encourage the realization of their full potential while respecting diversity within the community”.  “Believe it and you WILL achieve it” serves as a reinforcing motto for the Foundation. Greenwood sums it up best in saying, “To be a success, you must keep in mind that it’s not where you start but where you finish and a plan to start fast and finish strong is essential to reaching one’s goals in life.”  Through the Foundation’s vast network of like-minded organizations along with financial support from the local and National community, The Morlon Greenwood Foundation, Inc. has been able to reach over 2,000 youth during just the past 4 years and that number is growing evermore day-by-day.  Therefore serving as the  Present of the NFL Alumni Las Vegas Chapter was a “no brainer”.