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Zakkiyyah Salaam

Zakkiyyah Salaam is a trusted independent Community organizer. She specializes in developing program strategies, fundraising, and fostering meaningful partnerships. Her intention is to maximize the impact on social disparities in marginalized communities. With almost two decades of field experience across the private, federal government and non-profit sectors. She leverages her community relationships for fundraising and Community Development programs. 

Zakkiyyah holds an MBA in organizational leadership from post University in Connecticut.

She develops inclusive and innovative initiatives that support her vast fundraising efforts for multiple organizations. She is solution focused on her goal towards program sustainability through innovative fundraising. 

Her tenured career includes working with Catholic Charities, Department of Defense, and most recently SafeNest. SafeNest is a non-profit based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was her departure from SafeNest that helped her discover her grander mission in the community. Her personal mission is creating an inclusive community for the underserved population in Nevada Zakkiyyah is a New Jersey native that loves the NY Giants football team. She has 6 children and one that is an exceptional learner which further increases her passion for children’s programs. 

She also has a passion project called Uncomfortable Conversations that airs on Vegas Hype Media. Her podcast focuses on social and economic issues in communities across America.