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Who Are We?

The National Football League Alumni is the oldest, most well known and well respected retired player organization in professional sports. The organization believes in using its strength behind initiatives that matter.

Caring For Kids

Lasting and real change begins with the leaders of tomorrow. Our chapter believes in initiatives that help the youngest members of our community follow the best path.

Caring For Our Own

The organization offers resources for post gridiron life. Alumni members receive premium health and wellness support, medical care, and insight to leading medical research.

Caring For Our Communities

The Las Vegas Alumni Chapter believes in supporting charities that serve children and families. Support our chapter so that we may help tomorrow's leaders, today!

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A Long History Of Caring

The NFL Alumni Association Las Vegas Chapter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is composed of former National Football League (NFL) players, coaches, team staff members and associate members who work voluntarily to raise funds for youth-oriented causes and engage in hands-on service to foster the development of “youth through sports and sports through youth”.

The organization was originally founded in 1967, with a long a impactful history of giving back to those in need of better opportunity.