April Garstin

April began her life of entrepreneurship at the young age of 5.  From using her mother’s nice linens and China for lemonade stands to selling her sister’s “artwork” to neighbors and picking her mother’s planted flowers and selling them at the local market.  The creativity and business development became her passion. This unshakable focus and drive continued through school and adulthood.  

Through the grit, persistence, determination, resilience and fortitude, she obtained experience and success in several different fields as well as carried many different leadership positions serving the community and church.  April was the Director of Sponsorship and Business Development for USA Team Handball, owned a mortgage company, started a boating business, modeled and acted.  More extensively, she was in the restaurant industry.  The remaining decade was in ownership and consulting in fine dining restaurants, bars, and live music venues.   

All of this experience lead to the current position now of providing equipment financing for businesses.  Through equipment financing, she is able to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level and truly live the American dream by educating and providing easier access to equipment financing. 

Throughout this journey, she was able to raise two beautiful contributing members of society.  Similar to April’s life, her daughter is living her dreams currently running several business in NYC and Miami. Her son is finishing his remaining years in high school before he heads out to pursue his dreams in the world!  

All of these years and experience have lead to her true heart and desires, to help children.  Daily gratitude for the opportunity to help and make an impact on not only a child’s life, but children across our nation.