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The NFL Alumni Las Vegas chapter members, families and friends gather in support of programs that benefit charitable organizations serving children and their families within our beloved city.

OUR Education Fund

Education Fund & Scholarships

Our Education Fund was established with the sole purpose of providing funding for educationally based youth programs.

The fund is supported by individuals, corporations, or grantors donating sums of money into a trust, where it is managed by The NFL Alumni Association for specified educational purposes.

The fund may benefit a single individual, or it can be a charitable holding benefiting a group of people such as scholarship recipients, an educational institution, or other designated programs.


Believe it and you will achieve it.

Morlon Greenwood Foundation


The Morlon Greenwood Foundation believes that mentorship is the key for youth to become socially responsible citizens.

MG52 provides socially and economically disadvantaged students with creative, community-based, high-quality programs designed specifically to channel youths’ intellects while honing their individual academic, athletic, and social skills.

Strengthening youths’ connections to their respective communities while positively influencing their individualized skill sets through education and athletics provides the structure necessary for these youths to become upstanding members within their communities and abroad.