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Heather Phillips

Heather is the CEO and founder of Business BFF Services. The concept behind the company and Heather’s overall purpose is to provide solutions to problems in businesses where they have holes or gaps in their structures. From there, Heather is the best secret weapon a company has to help them; grow their community footprint, strategize development and throw/host and produce the best events around and her team does show booth booking, packaging, and brokers deals between her clients and the trade show producers/organizers and even will produce the event for the client. Heather and her team even serve as their client’s team handling tasks such as back-office assistant duties, customer service, database building, research, business consultation, strategy development, cross branding, link building, event sales, event production, right down to manning the actual booths at tradeshows.  

Don’t let the company name fool you, Heather and Business BFF Services is about far more than assisting businesses with every aspect involved from I have an idea for a company to I want to grow and need support with ways that make sense and cents for them. Heather’s mission is to help bring a sense of relief from stress through education and connections to business owners. Her approach takes business from scary to simple by breaking down the operation of any business into “too easy to understand basic terms,” and creating a list of easy steps to follow in order for her clients to reach their goals. This helps business owners create solutions they can easily use and implement to achieve growth. Although incorporated February 2019, Heather has been providing such services on a company-by-company and client-by-client basis for over 25 years.